Book Review – Hourglass by Jane Davitt

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Publisher: Torquere Press (December 22, 2010)

About the book:

“When Ben Adler gives in and makes his young daughter’s wish come true, making a movie out of a TV show he used to produce, he knows he’s going to have big problems. One of the leads from the original is a big star now, but the other’s vanished into obscurity, leading a life far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Not to mention that Ben can still remember how the two actors’ scorching off-screen romance went up in flames. Undeterred, Ben goes forward with the project, recruiting Ash and Lee by dangling very attractive carrots before them. The cameras start to roll, but the main action takes place off set. It’s never easy to try to work with an old flame, or to handle with the renewed feelings that are bound to come out. As two men who could never get enough of each other deal with a rekindled attraction, they discover that when it comes to love, there’s always time for a retake.”


Hourglass by Jane Davitt is an absolutely charming gay romance about getting a second chance in love (even in Hollywood).

Jaded Hollywood uber producer/director Ben Adler has only one weakness – his only daughter Samantha. So when Sam’s greatest wish is that he resurrect a 10-year-old defunct TV series (Hourglass) and turn it into a movie, Ben moves heaven-and-earth to do just that, and becomes an unexpected cupid into the bargain. Ten years ago, closeted leading man Ashton Morden chose a burgeoning career over a fledgling love affair with his co-star Lee Simons, breaking Lee’s heart. The set of the new movie becomes an opportunity for a second chance at love for Ash and Lee, but do they really have a chance for something that can be forever?

Author Jane Davitt has an easy writing voice that makes following the story effortless, and I really liked the little interludes she included of scenes from the TV series and from the movie. I actually think that if Jane decides to turn the plot of the series (about a man who has the power to grant wishes, but loses a day from his lifespan when he does) into a book, I’d love to read it too!

I do wish that Ms Davitt had fleshed out the two romantic leads (Ash and Lee) more than she did. There is definite chemistry and the scenes featuring the two do smoulder, but while I get that they are very sexually attracted to each other, I wasn’t ever quite completely clear on why they ‘loved’ each other. And the ‘near-tragedy’ that Ms Davitt inserted in the story kinda felt like a cop-out to me – just to nicely tie everything together.

Still, the better-than-usual-quality of writing (in the M-M genre) saves the book for me, as well as the really fleshed out supporting characters. My favorite character happens to be the jaded producer/director Ben who dominates all the parts of the book he appears in and is an absolute hoot into the bargain. I’m pretty happy with Hourglass as a whole to recommend it, and I think I’ll be checking out Ms Davitt’s other books as I do like her writing voice.

Check out Hourglass and help support Jane Davitt!

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3 Responses to “Book Review – Hourglass by Jane Davitt”

  1. Many thanks for the thoughtful review; it’s much appreciated.

    I had so much fun inventing the TV series and writing those snippets; glad they appealed. I think by the end, I was as invested in getting Rob and Steve together as I was Ash and Lee.

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