Book Review – Alliance in Blood by Ariel Tachna (Partnership in Blood Series #1)

Genre: Fantasy Gay Erotica / Paranormal
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0981508499
ISBN-13: 978-0981508498

About the book:

“Can a desperate wizard and a bitter, disillusioned vampire find a way to build the partnership that could save their world?

In a world rocked by magical war, vampires are seen by many as less than human, as the stereotypical creatures of the night who prey on others. But as the war intensifies, the wizards know they need an advantage to turn the tide in their favor: the strength and edge the vampires can give them in the battle against the dark wizards who seek to destroy life as they know it.

In a dangerous move and show of good will, the wizards ask the leader of the vampires to meet with them, so that they might plead their cause. One desperate man, Alain Magnier, and one bitter, disillusioned vampire, Orlando St. Clair, meet in Paris, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance of their decision: Will the vampires join the cause and form a partnership with the wizards to win the war?”


This is one series that I wish the author would rewrite minus all the explicit scenes, and try to publish it for the mainstream crowd. I do think that the world building that Ariel Tachna did for her own brand of vampires and wizards would appeal to a more general audience. And in my opinion, minus all the erotica, the fantasy elements from Alliance in Blood on their own would be strong enough to stand alone. I think it’s a pity that only those who enjoy the GBLT genre would even be aware of this series.

Alliance in Blood is set in a Paris where a magical civil war is currently being fought between good wizards led by General Marcel Chavinier and his Lts Alain Magnier and Thierry Dumont versus the dark wizards led by Pascal Serrier. Hoping to turn the war into their favor, the good wizards try to strike up an alliance with the feared vampires who are led by Jean Bellaiche and his protegé Orlando St. Clair.

It was really interesting to see how the good wizard group and the vampires start to form their fledgling alliance, especially with so much distrust and misinformation between the two groups. Tachna does a great job of characterization of the various wizards and vampires – each has their own distinct personalities and are pretty unique characters. The power couple in the series book #1 is Alain and Orlando (with other couples touched on in future books) and most of the trial-and-error regarding wizard-vampire interaction happens with them.

I was relieved to find that Tachna’s vampires are the traditional ones who do need to feed on human blood and who would combust under the sun – no sparkly vegetarian vampires here! But she did give a pretty good twist in her story wherein a special partnership can form between a specific vampire and wizard, and the wizard’s blood offers a protection against the sun for the vampire. The side effect is that these partnerships have a sexual element to them. Pretty cool huh?

And I know I shouldn’t be complaining about the focus on erotica since this book is in the genre – but for me, the story itself was so promising and I was so looking forward to a good wizard/vampire battle that having to wade through page after page of sex really spoiled it for me. Like I said, while I was reading this, I was really hoping for a more mainstream version so I could just enjoy the magical war and all its drama in peace. The plot was good enough to stand alone, and without the erotica over-kill, would have been fleshed out even better. Pity really.

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Check out Alliance in Blood (Partnership in Blood Series #1) and help support Ariel Tachna.


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