Book Review – Clear Cut by Alexa Snow

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Publisher: Top Shelf (January 15, 2006)
Language: English

About the book:

“Environmentalist Carter arrives at a logging site to interview modern day loggers for his book. While he’s anti-clear cutting, he finds he likes most of the loggers well enough. In fact he gets along with pretty much everyone but foreman Nate, who takes an instant dislike to him. They constantly butt heads, grating on each other at every opportunity.

There’s chemistry there, especially of the sexual kind, but both of them fight it as hard as they can. When a logger is injured in an accident and they’re forced to work together to save him, though, Carter starts to realize Nate is just a guy doing his job. In fact, he starts to question his purpose at the logging camp in the first place. Can these two hot-headed guys set pride aside and make it work?”


Gabriel Carter, an environmentalist / journalist, goes ‘undercover’ with a logging crew to gather information for his book. The loggers think he’s there to write a ‘fair’ book about the conflict between loggers and environmentalists, but he’s really just there to get interviews and any dirt he can find. Carter gets very conflicted about this soon enough as he finds himself liking the logging crew. He ends up questioning the tactics of some of the environmentalists in the area, and whether he should write the book at all.

Carter is almost immediately greeted with hostility by foreman Nate Tavaras, and I guess that Nate would be in the right for his hostility & aggression if he knew Carter’s real reason for coming, except that he doesn’t. So, he was basically just being a douche for no reason at all other than distrusting Gabriel. I know this because the POV basically switches between both guys, and Nate is pretty much a sour angry guy all the time. Okay, amend that to a sour angry guy who has a lot of sexual tension with Carter. Ewww.

Talk about a very unhealthy sexual relationship – seriously, the sex they had was more about power / domination than love – and I ended up never really buying the love part. Except maybe on Carter’s part and for me, Nate never deserved a dollop.

I guess that was my main problem here – I totally disliked Nate’s character from the start and for majority of the book and would’ve happily given him a punch for how rough, dominant and just plain unfair he was throughout to Carter. Carter deserved a better fictional character to fall in love with Ms author Alexa Snow! That last scene when he went looking for Carter, I just wanted Carter to say good riddance 😉

I also found the author’s treatment of environmentalism very cavalier, and it appeared to me that she just threw in a couple of environmentalists into the narrative just to create some unnecessary drama.

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