Book Review – Mariposa Soul by Adrianna Dane

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (February 2, 2008)
Language: English

About the book:

“Investigative journalist Andre Cordaire spends the majority of his time globetrotting around the world and flitting from bed to bed, never tempted to stay in any of them. Always searching. It’s a lonely existence, but he has never been able to find that special woman with whom to share his life. Soul-mates, however, can turn up in the most unusual places at unexpected times…

An encounter in a bar, a hiking trip up a mountain, and discovering a soul-mate in the person he never would have expected, who makes him want to share the love trapped inside him, was the last thing Andre was ready for. Finally, here is someone who understands more about him than he did himself. Once revealed, can he acknowledge what his heart and soul cries for? Or will he keep running, denying his need for the one person he knows could make him happy? Even if that person is a man?”


I really wish that Adrianna Dane had opted to write this as a novel instead of a novella. I’d have wanted a more in depth look at Andre Cordaire, an adult male on the cross-roads of his life – does he remain where he safely is or does he open the door and own up to his feelings / sexuality?

When we first meet Andre, he is just leaving a girl after an unsatisfying sexual encounter with her. This leads to him reminiscing about all his other unsatisfying relationships / one night stands with women – and it turns out that he’s simply been running away from facing the truth in himself. What Andre truly is – he is a deeply closeted man whose true love is an older male journalist called Simon Cordaire.

Most of the novella is told in flashback, and we see how the ‘straight’ Andre first meets his personal hero Simon, and how this ‘hero worship’ turns into ‘love’. There’s a very dreamy encounter in a meadow with butterflies (hence the title ‘Mariposa Soul’) that illustrates to Andre very clearly where his sexual orientation actually lies… But the revelation was not something that Andre could accept, and thus, he runs away, far far away from Simon.

I think the main plot could have used more fleshing out – I wish that the author had chosen to tell the story just following the timeline, instead of chopping things up in flashbacks. In my opinion, the story is strong enough that it deserved to be told in a full novel length, and it’s a bit lazy and a cop-out for Ms Dane to opt out and just pick out certain scenes for a novella.

Yup, I’m calling out for a re-write! It’s good enough.

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Check out Mariposa Soul and help support Adrianna Dane.

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